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York Animation gears itself into international market and forges ¡°Chinese originality¡±

On April 22nd, a team of foreign friends - production team of XrisP Animation Company - came to York Animation. XrisP is a new prominent company that specialized in film, project and production of animation, as well as development of games. Its founder, Sun Dajun, is a versatile video producer and won the NEW COMER AWARD of the Busan International Film Festival. The director of the company, Yu Changhao, participated in producing and releasing the films like A Battle of Wits, Late Autumn, Seven Swords etc., - which are well known in China - thus, XrisP is no strange to Chinese market. They came to overall communicate the program of Nori (Roller Coaster Boy Nori, a 52-episode cartoon serious). As soon as they arrived, they got a warm welcome and hospitality by the leaders and staff of York Animation. The team was impressed by the design talent and originality of York¡¯s team, while they walked through Time Tunnel of York and entered into a world of fairy tales.

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